Process and Print

The process begins with a digital image. All preliminary adjustments are made
to the raw file in Adobe Lightroom with the final adjustments done in
Photoshop. There are no digital elements added to any image.
Distracting elements such as power lines or too many traces of man
are removed. Each image is as close to what nature provided as
possible. Details, shadows and highlights are enhanced to give each
image a sense of depth. Images may take as many as 120 hours to

All prints are made using a Canon iPF large format printer on
Hahnemulhe papers. This paper is made in Germany by a company that
has been making paper since 1584. It is a heavy paper, 308 gsm.,
and has a smooth matte finish. This finish is what contributes to
the painterly effect of my images. It has the ability to hold deep
vibrant colors as well as dark tones and fine details.

The paper has a life of 300 years and the Canon pigment inks are rated
by the Wilhelm Research Institute to have a life expectancy of more than
100 years. What this means is that with proper display and handling you
can expect to enjoy this art for a lifetime.

Matted and framed images are done to a strict museum quality using only
archival acid free mat, backing and UV/Non-Glare glass (UV/Non-Glare
acrylic is substituted for shipping purposes).

Properly displaying your images is key to maximizing the life of your
print. Do not expose to direct sunlight or lighting that emits UV light
as this will accelerate fading