Site Closing Soon

Well, it’s been alot of fun over the years. But now it’s time to do something different. The site will be closing at the end of this month. Thank you all and best wishes for health, happines and prosperity.

Update to the Update…

Backlit Aspens“Winter Aspen”

I finally gave up. Yep. I have cried “Uncle”. So after months of trying to get the e-commerce working to no avail, I have removed it from this site.

There was another reason: the hackers were just lurking out there on the dark fringes of the web. Google analytics showed that the good people of China were really interested in my site. Well, that’s where the majority of visits to this site were generated from. Kind of suspicious.

I don’t have the time nor the expertise to deal with this potential problem. And I certainly don’t want to jeopardize any client information. So for now and the foreseeable future you may contact me via e-mail or phone for any requests for prints.

Best Regards,

Site is Updated…..

Little Coso Canyon #4


After a very busy year I have finally gotten around to updating this site. There are some new features. First, I am now making all my own frames, not from pre made moulding, but from sustainable hardwoods. The frame colors are now an added part of the product pages. I will post more on the process of making the frames in the future.

Second, is that I have added a new section to the gallery “Petroglyphs and Rock Art”. The images are from sites primarily in California. A goal for me is to expand this collection with images from other areas, such as Nevada, Arizona and Utah. I hope that you will enjoy the images in this new section.

This will be followed up with another section of images from Weston Beach in the very near future. I will also be expanding my selections of greyscale(black and white) and toned images. So stay tuned.

There have been some problems with the e-commerce of the site. I am addressing the problems and hope to have them corrected soon. If you have any questions please contact me via email, phone or the contact form for the time being. I will no longer be offering shipping via FedEX(seems they don’t want to honor their insurance claims when they destroy a framed print.) Instead I will be using the good ‘ol postal services. Their rates are far better and believe it or not, they haven’t damaged anything I have shipped with them.

A Work in Progress….

One catastrophe after another and what seems like an eternity spent writing code, here it is, a whole new site. I won’t go into all the gory details but this has been an ordeal and it is not over yet. There are still functions that are not functioning and this will take some time to get them all working, but I felt that I needed to get the site back online.

This is a completely new look for the site. The “News” section will be just for showcasing new work or work that will be available for the first time and not a conventional blog post. I will also post my art show schedules here.

So welcome to my new site. I hope that you enjoy it, warts and all.